Command Codes

0 0x0 STATUS_OK Ok - No Error
1 0x1 STATUS_INVMSGLEN Invalid Message Length
2 0x2 STATUS_INVCMDLEN Invalid Command Length
3 0x3 STATUS_INVCMDID Invalid Command ID. see supported commands
4 0x4 STATUS_INVBNDSTS Invalid bind status
5 0x5 STATUS_ALYBND Bind attempted when already bound
6 0x6 STATUS_INVPRTFLG Invalid priority flag
7 0x7 STATUS_INVREGDLVFLG Invalid registered-delivery flag
8 0x8 STATUS_SYSERR SMSC system error
10 0xa STATUS_INVSRCADR Invalid source address
11 0xb STATUS_INVDSTADR Invalid destination address
12 0xc STATUS_INVMSGID Invalid message-id
13 0xd STATUS_BINDFAIL Generic bind failure
14 0xe STATUS_INVPASWD Invalid password
15 0xf STATUS_INVSYSID Invalid System-ID
17 0x11 STATUS_CANCELFAIL Cancel failure
19 0x13 STATUS_REPLACEFAIL Replace failure
20 0x14 STATUS_MSGQFUL Too many messages in queue, at present
22 0x16 STATUS_INVSERTYP Invalid services type
51 0x33 STATUS_INVNUMDESTS Invalid number of destination addresses
52 0x34 STATUS_INVDLNAME Invalid name
64 0x40 STATUS_INVDESTFLAG Invalid Destination Flag Option
66 0x42 STATUS_INVSUBREP Invalid value for submit with replace option
67 0x43 STATUS_INVESMCLASS Invalid value for esm_class field
68 0x44 STATUS_CNTSUBDL Cannot submit to a distribution list
69 0x45 STATUS_SUBMITFAIL Generic submission failure
72 0x48 STATUS_INVSRCTON Invalid type of number for source
73 0x49 STATUS_INVSRCNPI Invalid numbering plan indicator for source
74 0x4a STATUS_INVDSTTON Invalid type of number for destination
75 0x4b STATUS_INVDSTNPI Invalid numbering plan indicator for destination
77 0x4d STATUS_INVSYSTYP Invalid esm type
78 0x4e STATUS_INVREPFLAG Invalid submit with replace flag option
85 0x55 STATUS_INVNUMMSGS Invalid number of messages specified for query_last_msgs primitive
88 0x58 STATUS_THROTTLED SMSC is throttling inbound messages
98 0x62 STATUS_INVEXPIRY Invalid Validity Date
103 0x67 STATUS_QUERYFAIL Quota violation, add credit to account
194 0xc2 STATUS_INVPARLEN Invalid optional parameter length
195 0xc3 STATUS_MISSINGOPTPARAM Missing optional parameter
196 0xc4 STATUS_INVOPTPARAMVAL Invalid optional parameter value
254 0xfe STATUS_DELIVERYFAILURE Generic delivery failure
255 0xff STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE Insufficient balance